Consultation for Churchward

This Section 10 Consultation Report was compiled in respect of the Free School Application for Churchward School made by the Brunel SEN Multi-Academy Trust (Brunel SEN MAT), to aid a decision on entering into a funding agreement with the Brunel SEN MAT by the Department for Education.

The consultation also included an additional question regarding the increase in PAN from 64 to 75 places in order to evidence the large demand for ASC specific educational places within Swindon and its surrounding areas.

The report covers the open consultation which took place for a six week period between 24th November 2017 and the 5th January 2018. The report documents all of the planning, activities and resources that were designed, created and distributed in order to deliver a fully comprehensive and informative consultation regarding the opening of Churchward School. The activities undertaken by the project team to create this report are in accordance with the
statutory requirements set by the Department for Education.

In establishing the proposal to open Churchward School, the Brunel SEN MAT has actively engaged with identified key stakeholders including local residents, prospective parents, prospective students, Local Authorities, Schools and other Education related professionals throughout Swindon and its surrounding areas. By engaging with these stakeholders the project team are now fully aware of what Churchward School needs to provide in order to meet
expectation and respond to the evident needs of the community. The comments received endorse the rationale proposed in the initial Free School Application which stated that Churchward is a necessity for Swindon.

The positive feedback from our wide range of respondents strongly demonstrates that there is a genuine need in Swindon for a new ASC provision and that there is an enormous amount of support for Churchward School from all stakeholders in relation to this project.

Please follow the links to read the full consultation report or to view the consultation brochure:
Consultation Report
Churchward Consultation Brochure

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