Vision and Mission


Recognising Strengths, Gaining Skills, Achieving Success


Churchward is an inclusive and aspirational community where, built on absolute integrity, learning for life is holistic and specifically tailored to the needs of young people with social and communication challenges.

Through our personalised approach and high expectations, we strive to ensure all students will make exceptional holistic progress from their starting points in order to become positive young people equipped with life and work skills for a sustainable and fulfilled future.

Aspirational Outcomes

For all students to achieve at least five qualifications at an ambitious and meaningful level for them.

For all students to receive the specialist support they need to access less specialist environments in the future with increasing levels of independence.


  • To establish a community that will explicitly develop communication skills, social interaction, self-regulation and flexibility of thought.
  • To ensure students exceptional progress through delivering high quality, specialist, consistent teaching and learning.
  • To provide specialised learning environments that respond to individual and accommodate the sensory needs of our students.
  • To promote the life values of independence and interdependence.
  • To develop characteristics of perseverance and resilience.