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“Staff and teachers are 100%. Couldn’t be happier. Everything regarding the school is helping my child.” Parent


I just wanted to write to re-iterate my thanks for all of the support that Churchward give to my young person placed with you. The progress that our young person has made with you has been amazing. As an outside professional working alongside your team, the school always give their best ensuring that the young person is placed at the heart of all decisions. Meetings are always highly professional, with clear outcomes and expertly managed. Claire is always in communication with me and the social care team and all offers of additional training or support are always welcomed. I can genuinely say that I don’t think T could be in a better school, and I know that the other professionals that work alongside me would echo this. External Professional


What our families say about Churchward School – from the parents’ evening surveys in October ’19

  • 100% felt that staff encourage their child to be as independent as possible and provide experiences and opportunities for learning life skills.
  • 100% felt that the school encouraged their child to develop socially.
  • 92% agree/strongly agree their child is happy at Churchward.

    92% are confident their child is well looked after at school.

    92% agree/strongly agree that their child is taught well at Churchward.

  • No parents/carers felt that the school didn’t deal effectively with bullying.

  • 96% agree/strongly agree that the school is well led/managed.

  • 100% of parents/carers that had had concerns strongly agreed that they had been well managed.
“It is evident that staff and management genuinely care about every pupil” Parent
My child has been out of school for over 2 years due to his high level of anxiety. Churchward has been amazing and have achieved more in 5 weeks than any other school has managed ever. There is now a light at the end of the tunnel and the chances of getting my child back in full time education is very promising. Thank you” Parent
“Communication is absolutely fantastic.” Parent
“The ethos and the way that my child’s welfare is as important to the school as it is for us as a family.” Parent