My Money Week


In Term 6, PSHCE in Churchward School took part in My Money Week between June 10th – 14th. My Money Week is a national project which aims to get young people excited and interested in financial matters.

Every year has a theme, and in 2024 the theme was ‘Saving Money and Protecting The Planet’. Therefore, our young people looked into how they can reduce their waste, look after what they have and how their spending habits can have an adverse effect on the planet.

In Key Stage 3, we focused on how much an average household spends on food each week and in fact how much gets thrown away and wasted. In Key Stage 4, we took this a step further, and our young people researched into how companies market their products in order to encourage impulse buying, in turn increasing financial struggled and waste. In Key Stage 5, with our students becoming young adults, we moved this onto the topic of household costs.

In particular, we looked into how making financially informed decisions can result in overall lower living costs, for example rent, electricity and water costs, and the differences between wants and needs.