Christmas at Churchward


Students at Bridges took part in a find the Snowman game around the school site. Sharon had hidden twenty snowmen for the students to find. There was lots of hustle and bustle as we moved around the building and outdoors to find our snowy friends. Searching high and low, one by one the students found them. They were hiding in bushes, underneath bird tables and one sneaky snowman had even found his way behind the basketball net.

Everybody had a wonderful, fun morning with our students fully engaging in the task at hand. Patience and resilience were a plenty as some were hiding so well and the students had to think outside of the box to find all twenty snowmen.

Students also made a Christmas fireplaces to help decorate the school and get that festive feeling.

Students then enjoyed a well earned Christmas lunch of their choice with chocolate yule log to finish - delicious!

Well done to all the students who took part, it was a fun and enjoyable morning for all involved.