Churchward School caters for students who have an education, health and care plan with a primary diagnosis of either autism and/or social, communication and interaction difficulties.  However, many of the students have a range of interlinking and complex needs which impact on the way they learn and make progress. 

Our curriculum offer is designed to:

  • re-engage students
  • provide supportive, stimulating and motivating learning opportunities
  • ensure young people achieve their full potential and gain meaningful accreditation

Key Stage 3 Curriculum
At Key Stage 3 students follow a curriculum based on 5 Key Strands: English, Maths, PSHCE, Topic and Enrichment.  Topic lessons are based on a themed approach and cover Science, The Humanities including RE and ICT. The Enrichment programme encourages students try a number of activities i.e. Cookery, Art, Drama, Music, DT and PE.  This programme allows the students to have experience in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative education in different situations and requiring different skills

The function of the Key Stage 3 curriculum is to create a broad and balanced range of opportunities which engage and encourage students to try different activities, learn new skills, challenge themselves and above all develop a love of learning.  This curriculum coupled with our targeted intervention strategy provides a strong foundation from which our students can progress onto Key Stage 4 and different vocational pathways and qualifications.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum
With our Key Stage 4 curriculum students will continue their learning in the Key Strands except “Topic areas” become Vocational areas. Lessons are developed and customised to meet the different qualification requirements for each student.

In English and Maths students follow the Entry Level syllabus which covers the entire curriculum offer.  Lessons are differentiated to meet the levels of each individual.  Whilst working towards the Entry Level Qualification, students also have the opportunity to gain Functional Skills qualifications throughout the year.  The structure is in place in order to support students at any level between EL1 – L2 and where appropriate at Foundation GCSE.

Students are given the opportunity to gain other recognised qualifications through BTEC Work Skills which is linked to work experience placements with varying levels of support.  Our students will also be able to gain relevant standalone certificates e.g. Food Hygiene Level 1 or Animal Care.

For those students who show a particular interest in something the school does not provide they will have the opportunity to access alternative provisions.  These activities or programmes of study will vary depending on their interests and can include for examples: ICT level 2 courses, Animal Care and Horticulture. 

Churchward School is committed to validating the skills, knowledge and learning of all our young people and providing each of them with relevant and meaningful qualifications.

Key Stage 5 Curriculum
Students at Key Stage 5 will have the opportunity to focus on certain areas of interest and maintaining access to English, Maths and PSHCE.  There will be “off-site” learning through supported work placements, college links and alternative provisions. This provision will become integral to the offer as our students start to prepare for life after school. 

Social and emotional development is part of the PSHCE curriculum. It is a core strand to our curriculum offer and runs throughout the school.  Churchward School strongly believes that PSHCE in conjunction with Literacy and Numeracy are the key elements to our students’ success, not only within the school but also in their future choices.  The Thrive Approach is our framework from which strategies and interventions are woven into all areas of the curriculum as well as providing discrete lessons for each class group.

At Churchward School, our interventions operate at 3 different levels – whole school, targeted and specific.

Each level becomes more focused than the last one.  Our interventions are always led by qualified staff and will be integrated within our Literacy, Numeracy and Thrive sessions for those who need it.

More information on the Curriculum can be obtained from your young person’s tutor.