Bridges Provision

‘Bridges’ a specialist, integration programme creating a pathway back into education


Based at our Bagbury Park site in a rural location of the outskirts of Swindon, we run a specialist integration programme, ‘Bridges’, with the aim of creating a pathway back into education for children and young people who have either been without a school placement or who need a bespoke learning environment to help them engage in education. Students on the programme have a range of complex needs mainly focused around social, communication and interaction Difficulties which often coincide with a turbulent school history or family setting.

The aims of the Bridges integration programme are:

· To engage students who have become disconnected from education

· To build positive relationships in order to develop socially and emotionally

· To ignite a love of learning, both in and out of the classroom

· To integrate students into a school environment and prepare them for the next steps in life

· To achieve our goal for every student to enter full or partial education/training and become a young adult playing an active role in their community

Our Provision

The Bridges curriculum is based around the six pillars of our Churchward School Integration Curriculum which was specifically written around the needs of our students:

Each student accesses a bespoke curriculum with an evolving balance of the above areas of learning to meet their individual engagement factors and needs.  Interventions can be broken down in to two areas: those with academic or therapeutic outcomes, for example, music, cooking, animal care, horticulture, woodwork, sailing, horse riding, swimming.  Each student has a personalised integration flightpath which maps out their needs in relation to core needs identified through the integration Curriculum model and determines their curriculum and interventions to maximise their personalised progress. 

They will also complete a Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) Personalised Progression Pathway (PPP) at their annual review.  There is a key focus on enhancing the experience of students to support their social and emotional development, gain a better sense of themselves and the world around them, and develop a sense of identity and how they can be part of a community both within school and also the wider area.  Although mainly taught away from the main school, students accessing the Bridges programme will still have access to the same specialist teachers, classrooms and facilities shared by all students on roll at Churchward School.  The goal for all students on the Bridges programme is to integrate into provision and ultimately a class at Churchward School.


The process for transferring a student into our Bridge programme and then onto a school will be critical in determining the success of the placement. Transition starts long before the student arrives at Churchward School and involves meetings, visits and information gathering in order to set appropriate outcomes for each student based on their EHCP which is incorporated into their personalised programme of support and timetable.

Once the aims of the programme have been achieved and it has been agreed by all parties involved that the student is ready to move on. Work is then completed with the school to support a smooth transition to the main building based in Tadpole Garden Village. This is made easier as the student will have accessed this provision throughout the programme.

Additional Support & Interventions

A core part of the integration curriculum is our interventions programme which we aim to run as a seamless part of our curriculum offer, linked to students’ integration curriculum targets, to target students at their point of learning need and support them making maximum progress, by providing them with specialist support with their social, emotional and academic needs.  Student target setting and progress reviews inform these interventions to ensure maximum progress for every student. 

At Churchward School our interventions operate at 3 different levels: whole school, targeted and specific.  Each level becomes more focused than the last one.  Our interventions are always led by trained staff and are either integrated within our English, maths and Thrive sessions or run as discrete sessions for those learners who need it. Examples of interventions at each level are as follows:

  • Whole school: Accelerated Reader access, Thrive class action plans, community and enrichment time.
  • Targeted: Accelerated Reader intervention, Myon projects, Clicker, Docs Plus, Toe by Toe, Letters and Sounds phonics, Thrive individual action plans, Draw and Talk, Lego Therapy, music therapy, dance and movement therapy, play therapy, horse riding, swimming, forest schools, Integration Curriculum.
  • Specific: School Counsellor, CAHMS, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, mentor through external provider.


Packages are tailored to individuals and as such are all bespoke with unique funding.

Costing will include:

  • Place funding
  • A Personalised Progression Pathway
  • Access to offsite provision including main school facilities and the farm
  • Transport during the school day
  • A range of customised therapies and interventions
  • Transition support
  • Access to Thrive practitioners and pastoral support
  • High ratios of experienced & highly specialised staff
  • Access to specialist resources

The following can be added in addition to main package as needed:

  • Transport to and from school
  • Higher level, specialist, therapeutic intervention from external professionals

For further details please contact the school office on 01793 209198 or the Head Teacher, Dave Dearsley, directly at ddearsley@churchwardschool.org.uk