What’s the Catch?

Last week Brinley took part in the International Launch of What’s the Catch? He was then invited to Reading University to help promote What’s the Catch?

What’s the Catch? Was a 5 day expedition with Phillippe Cousteau (Jacques Cousteau’s grandson) to address the issue of sustainable fisheries and produce resources to be used in schools. Tony Chalk was part of the expedition and this is how Brinley got involved.

At the launch Brinley was the only student from Britain to speak to a worldwide audience including schools in America, Australia and Britain. He asked some really detailed questions and was complemented by Dr Ben Ciotti, the presenter.

You can see it here: https://www.earthecho.org/virtual-events/wtclaunch

After visiting Reading University, Brinley said:

“I wanted to go because science is very important to me. I enjoyed trying new products and meeting new people.”

Brinley is going to help teach some science at Bagbury in the coming weeks.


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