The Curriculum

Personalised Learning
Churchward School will provide a personalised curriculum using a range of ASC teaching strategies. Careful consideration will be given to the sensory needs of each student and a sensory programme designed to support self – regulation will be devised wherever needed. Support and advice will be regularly sought from a range of professionals such as speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, art and drama
therapists, community nurses and educational psychologists to ensure a holistic approach.

All students will have some difficulties in communication and social skills. We, therefore, will employ the services of a Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) to work with students, staff, and parents/carers in developing Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) for all students to develop their communication skills.

The Learning Facilities

All students will have access to a range of on-site/ off-site facilities. As well as classrooms, this will include sensory
rooms, cooking rooms, in and outdoor physical education facilities and art rooms. In addition, best use will be made of Swindon’s community resources in addition to the Uplands Educational Trust Farm, retail facilities for work related learning.

Given the range of ASC need, areas for group work and individual study will also be provided. To reduce anxiety the
learning environment will have visually recognisable pathways and clearly designated spaces. This will enable the ASC young person to successfully transition to activities throughout the day.

Qualifications we offer…

External accreditation will include but is not limited to:

• OCR Life and Living Qualifications: Entry 1 – Entry 3
• OCR Functional Skills up to level 2
• ASDAN Towards Independence Awards
• Vocational BTECs

Students may also follow GCSE courses for subjects of particular interest or areas of strength and these courses can be accessed in a number of different ways.