Learning Mentors
A key feature of our curriculum model is that it will be delivered by highly skilled learning mentors, overseen by qualified teachers. The staff team will be selected for their high levels of empathy and their calm approach to managing students who can be both challenging and vulnerable.

They will have knowledge and expertise of working with students with autism and/or SCID. They will provide an outstanding teaching and learning environment through activities that are highly motivating and matched to each student’s needs. Rigorous monitoring, regular observations, and performance appraisals will ensure staff maintain outstanding standards and maximise each student’s attainment opportunities

We believe that families should be key partners to support learning. We will ensure regular effective two-way
communications on the social behaviour, interaction and progress in learning.
We shall encourage parents and carers to share observations and concerns, helping to develop appropriate strategies
focussing on the needs of the individual student.

Young people with autism can suffer due to a lack of understanding within society generally. This hinders their participation as active members of the community. Churchward School will use existing links with public and private (employer) bodies within the local community to continue to raise awareness of how to support our students. Through work placements and supported internships our students will forge effective links with the local community which we hope will last long after they have left school.