Churchward School Consultation Document

Churchward school Why is it needed? THE NEED FOR CHURCHWARD Strategic planning The Brunel SEN MAT and Swindon Local Authority have identified a need for additional provision for students with autism and/or social communication and interaction difficulties (SCID). The current provision in Swindon is full to capacity, with significant additional pressure predicted over the next few years. Churchward School is a necessary and timely solution to this urgent problem. Our original bid was based on a maximum capacity of 64 however, it has become clear that a maximum capacity of 75 is a more realistic number to meet needs. Your views on this is being sought in the questionnaire. Our Vision and Ethos Recognising strengths, gaining skills, achieving success Churchward School will be a research focussed, forward-thinking, innovative and aspirational school with our students, their families, and their communication and interaction needs, at the centre of all we do. The school will have a culture of inclusion and adaptability, putting our students and their families first, enabling us to meet all our aspirations for them. We will uphold a commitment to never exclude any student. Churchward School will be a positive choice for families with high ambitions for their young people with communication challenges. It will offer a motivating personalised curriculum and culture that fully develops students’ individual strengths, skills and interests enabling them to make far greater progress than is currently expected.