Churchward School Consultation Document

WHAT IS A FREE SCHOOL? About us The Brunel SEN MAT Our connections The Brunel SEN MAT is a multi-academy trust specialising in the special school sector. The Trust has the experience, skills and expertise to influence and shape special education, enabling the development of a range of provisions and the delivery of high standards and performance which will improve the life outcomes of children and young people with SEND. The Brunel SEN MAT’s vision is clear: “No barriers, only potential”. The Trust will put the well-being and achievement of all students at the heart of its decision making. Operating within a culture of trust and respect for all, the Trust will celebrate achievement and value the contribution of individuals with high expectations of all involved. What is a free school? Churchward is a free school that will be a part of the SEN MAT. A Free School is an exciting opportunity for a school to open and tailor itself around parents’ and carers’ specific needs and preferences for their learners’ education. A Free School is funded directly from the Government which means the school can focus on each students’ bespoke learning pathway independently from their local authority and national curriculum. This allows a Free School to operate to enable each student to reach their maximum potential. Free Schools are regulated and inspected by Ofsted so just like all other schools, the performance of a Free School is closely monitored to assure parents and carers that their learners are being provided with a high standard of education.