Recognising Strengths, Gaining Skills, Achieving Success

Dave Dearsley

Welcome from Churchward school

I am delighted to welcome you to Churchward School.

Churchward School is built on the foundations of “Recognising strengths, gaining skills, achieving success”, something which runs through everything we do and I am extremely excited about the role this school will play in supporting our pupils realise their full potential.

The school was approved by the Department of Education in 2016 and opened its doors in September 2018 to provide secondary and sixth form places for students with autism and associated social communication difficulties.

All Churchward School staff are committed to enabling our pupils to overcome their challenges through supporting their social development and their academic and vocational learning. This is achieved through bespoke curriculum and therapeutic packages designed around each pupil as an individual.

If you would like to know more about Churchward School and what we do then please feel free to contact me.

Dave Dearsley
Head teacher

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Why is it needed?

The Brunel SEN MAT and Swindon Local Authority have identified a need for additional provision for students with autism and/or social communication and interaction difficulties (SCID). The current provision in Swindon is full to capacity, with significant additional pressure predicted over the next few years. Churchward School is a necessary and timely solution to this urgent problem.

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Churchward School Unit 4 Bagbury Park

Lydiard Millicent Swindon SN5 3LW

Telephone Number 01793 209198

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